langevin building logo Client: Robert Langevin Building. Logo Design and Development.

BRIEF: Logo and identity design. Langevin Building did not previously have a logo or brand identity. The majority of their business came from word of mouth and referrals. In order to implement marketing material and collateral an identity was needed. Logo was intended for use on stationary, business cards, truck graphics and advertisements.

STRATEGY: The client wanted to use subtle colors with a graphic that did not take away attention from the name itself. They did not want to use bright colors or imagery dealing with tools or machinery found in many construction and building logos. The initial idea was to create a more streamline and clean feel that still tied in to what the company did. Preliminary pencil sketches led to the incorporation of the squares and the roof in the negative space. These squares were arranged to represent tiles or a window. The tiles, window, and roof are all consistent to the nature of the clients business. There were four colors used in different combinations, eventually leading to a teal and brown for the final logo. The name of the company being the emphasis, is done in a dark, bold brown. Complimenting the brown is a
teal that is used in the tiles, also representing the sky behind the roof.

silba logo Client: TPA Insurance Agency. Logo Design

Brief: SILBA is a self–insured workers compensation program managed by a larger insurance corporation. Members of group are in the lumber and or building materials business. The identity was needed for use in marketing collateral, newsletters, and web materials related to the group. The logo was to use the acronym SILBA and including the full name.

Strategy: The letters of SILBA are done in a color and thickness that resembles lumber or wood. The addition of the “roof” above the text relates to the nature of business and also covers or “protects” the rest of the logo relating to insurance coverage or protection.


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